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Conscientious high school student with exceptional teaching experience.

I am a 17-year-old high school student from Cyprus, who is quite passionate about mentoring those in need at low costs. Highly experienced, I will enhance learning in numerous ways, one of which being using visual aids (eg. Presentations and animations) shared on the screen to allow the students to restore the material visually in their long-term memories.
I assure all the students who wish to begin their learning journey with me that they will gain as much benefit from my lectures as possible. Also, I'd like to offer a trial, thus providing my first lesson as gift.
Rol: Profesor
Edad: 17
Género: M
Temas enseñados: Biología , Química, Matemáticas, Inglés
Calificaciones: I have 7 IGCSE qualifications:
Maths -A**
Biology - A**
Chemistry - A**
Physics - A**
Psychology - A*
French - A
English as a first language - A**
Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Español, Francés, Otro
Nivel de Estudio: Alumno escuela técnica
Niveles de enseñanza: Secundaria, Preparatoria
Precio por hora (€) min: 13 max: 21
Detalle sobre precio y forma de pago: First lesson is free of any fees as a trial for students who feel the need to determine whether I am the best fit aa their teacher.
Tabla de tiempos:
País: Cyprus         Estado/Provincia:
Código postal: 99620
Distancia máxima: Sólo en línea o en el hogar del profesor
Modo de enseñanza: Online
Experiencia: I have mentored students, mainly high school, as an assistant of my English teacher, giving SAT, IELTS and similar lectures for other English language qualifications.
N° años de experiencia: 1
Ocupación actual: Estudiante
Motivo de la enseñanza: Ayudar a los otros
Disponible para contrato: Sí
Tiempo transcurrido desde la última visita: 8 meses (2020-09-26 20:39 UTC)