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Systematic success in academics, communication and publishing.

Killer classes solved! I am your guide to winning at school and more. Whether you are finishing your thesis or just beginning tough classes, I mentor you to create a system that helps you learn and apply your knowledge. Do not fail or drop a class without contacting me.
As a mentor who has done research in four countries, and worked with students, entrepreneurs and indigenous groups, I advise about learning and idea development techniques for people around the world. Many people either find a job, earn a scholarship or successfully pitch a concept that greatly surpasses their investment in mentoring. At the end of the day, learning and sharing is something that benefits everyone and that is something I feel good about.

Do you have an idea for an invention or product? I help develop your idea and make it a reality.
Are you stressing out about a standardized exam? Let’s design a track to success together.
Did you fail or drop a required class for your major? Let’s build a study system so you can graduate.
Rol: Profesor
Edad: 35
Género: M
Temas enseñados: Biología , Matemáticas, Otros temas, Química, Botánica, Cálculo
Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Francés, Español
Nivel de Estudio: Doctorado
Niveles de enseñanza: Universitario
Precio por hora (€) min: 45 max: 91
Tabla de tiempos:
País: Canada         Estado/Provincia: Quebec
Código postal:
Distancia máxima: Sólo en línea o en el hogar del profesor
Modo de enseñanza: Online, Email
N° años de experiencia: 1
Ocupación actual: Profesional
Motivo de la enseñanza: Otra
Disponible para contrato: No
Tiempo transcurrido desde la última visita: 11 meses (2018-12-18 10:05 UTC)