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English (Native US), Spanish (living in Chile), Math (love)

Hi! I am excited to meet you and to meet your English (or Spanish) needs. My philosophy is content first and then form. I want each lesson to be applicable to your life. I am equipped to teach any level. My experience of taking English (and Spanish) classes in school gives me a better understanding of things that I would not think of as a native and also what is missing in teaching English (and Spanish) in school. As for math, that is my love language and I am happy to help at all levels.
Rol: Profesor
Edad: 21
Género: F
Presentación vocal:
Temas enseñados: Español, Matemáticas, Álgebra, Trigonometría, Cálculo, Matemáticas - otros temas, Inglés
Calificaciones: English tutoring experience: I have been teaching January. I teach students of all ages and levels, both individual and group, in person and online. I adapt classes to the interests of the student by providing an current cultural-linguistic context.
English Experience: I am a native English speaker from the United States, with a college education. I was always in advanced English classes
Experience in Spanish: I have been taking Spanish classes since I was in kindergarten. I did a study abroad experience one semester at Adolfo Ibáñez University.
Teaching Experience: I volunteered at One World for a semester working helping teach English. I have taught Somali children who needed help with their limited English. I spent a semester at a middle school volunteer. I have taught taekwondo for the past six years. I have coached the swim team for the past 3 years. I have taught swimming lessons for 5 years. I was a volunteer at my church's vacation Bible school for 4 years.
Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Español
Nivel de Estudio: Alumno universitario
Niveles de enseñanza: Todos
Precio por hora (€) min: 8 max: 25
Tabla de tiempos:
País: Chile         Estado/Provincia:
Código postal:
Distancia máxima: 8 Km
Modo de enseñanza: Online, Email, Teléfono, Hogar-E
Experiencia: Math: I was always in the most advances classes and help other students.
N° años de experiencia: 1
Ocupación actual: Estudiante
Motivo de la enseñanza: Ayudar a los otros
Disponible para contrato: Sí
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