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Como posicionarte mejor en las búsquedas

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Tutors may earn points for a better position in the search results (free!!!)

As the number of Tutors-Live registered tutors continues to grow, it is more important than ever to appear high in the search results. If you are a tutor, you can obtain a better position by improving the quality of your profile.

In addition, if you contribute 10 US$ or 10 EUR, you will become a 'Premium' user and have priority in the 'find tutors' result pages when sorted by 'premium', and other advantages (see Convertirse en usuario Premium).

Ask the Tutors-Live staff to evaluate the quality of your profile. There are no associated fees. However, Tutors-Live staff reserve the right to award positions points at their discretion and, by applying, you agree to this.

Here’s how to request an evaluation of your profile:

1)   Make sure your profile meets the minimum requirements

  • These optional fields must be completed: Qualifications, Experience, Profile description.
  • Your profile must include a photograph with your face clearly visible (not your full-body) and no other persons. Note that only users with a valid picture are shown in the facewall view of the 'find tutors' page.
  • Your qualifications and experience must consist of verifiable degrees, awards, positions, jobs and activities.
  • Title and description fields in your profile must contain information about yourself and your approach or method of teaching, with a few words about why you believe you are a good tutor, too.

2)   Consider adding a vocal presentation or link to a video of yours

You may want to add an MP3 file with a short vocal presentation (not mandatory, but highly recommended). This is particularly important if you are teaching in a language other than your own, so that students can verify the quality of your pronunciation. A good vocal presentation can also earn you additional points towards a better position in the search results. Still better, you could record a video presentation, upload it to and link to it in your profile (see Audio and video presentations).

3)   Send a message to the Tutors-Live staff requesting your evaluation

If your profile meets the minimum requirements specified in section (1) above, send a message to the Tutors-Live staff by means of the Contacto page, with the word “Evaluation” in the subject line.

If your profile does not meet the minimum requirements, your evaluation request will be disregarded.

Please allow some time before checking to see if your profile has been assigned the "featured" status. As the evaluation process is manual, it may take several weeks.

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